Google Answers On Downtime Issue With Gmail ,Youtube ..

Google Answers On Downtime Issue On Gmail ,Youtube ..

Google on December 14 faced a tragic downtime issue with their servers which resulted inconvenience to millions of users on Monday (December 14 2020),the services including google’s enterprise tool workspace were down to the users across the globe ,the apps that were also affected and caused inconvenience to millions of google users were mainly affected through this .

The Apps services were down which caused users unable to access Google apps it includes Maps, Calender, Google Docs, Google Slides, Gmail and Youtube, The Outage Lasted About 45-46 Min “At Around 3.47 AM PT google experienced an authentication system error in their system due to internal storage quota. Services reqiring users to log in experienced high error rates during this error and this lasted for about 45-46 minutes to resolved ,At around 4.32 AM PT .All the services were restored “said the spokesperson of Google.

Down time Google apps
Down time Google Apps

But still some users are facing errors in the Gmail app, as being said that it shows an error saying app “stopped working and it Automatically shut off without going in the app causing such error” -says user ,and this might take some moments for things to get resolved to normal.

“We apologise to everyone affected, and will conduct a through follow up review to ensure this problem cannot recur in the future” this statement was to apologising users affected .

google also faced similar problem before this year but this recent incident believed to be have impacted inconvenience to users all around the globe

As per the google’s workspace dashboard at around 5.35 Am IST got aware of the problem with Gmail affected majority of the users problem in using the gmail app which suddenly started showing notification saying ‘app not working error’ on their smartphone devices causing interuptiom and panic among users since they were unable to access their own gmail though the app.


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