Top 5 WhatsApp Status Query Answered !


How many status can a person put on Whatsapp per day?

WhatsApp Status Query

This is a very interesting question to answer so How many status can a person put on Whatsapp per day? almost
175 plus photos and almost 100 plus short video can be posted on the WhatsApp status and the number might increase due to it frequent new updates. If a Person Puts the maximum amount of Photos Or Short Videos As their status their status will look like a one Thick Green Borderd Circle signifies that the person had uploaded maximum Photos Or Videos on its WhatsApp Status.

How to put emojis in my Whatsapp status?

How to put emojis in my Whatsapp status?

How to put heart in Whatsapp status?

You can post images , emojis, vedio and even voice or music on Whatsapp status solving query on “How to put emojis in my Whatsapp status?”

1- Click on Whatsapp app on you smart phone

2- Slide your finger to the right side or Click On “Status” Tab .

3-Click On the pencil icon on the lower right side of the phone

4- Coloured Blank page will appear on the screen Wherein you can type ‘letters’ or ’emojis’ or both and can also change the page colour by clicking on the ‘pallet’ icon situated on the lower left corner on your smartphone.(check pic below)

5- Tapping On Smiley Emoji icon on the lower left corner Responsible for all the cute emojis

6- Tapping on the ‘T’ icon on the lower left corner will change the text font

7- Tapping On The ‘Colour Pallet’ icon will change the background colour of the page.

How to put emojis on photos or videos in my Whatsapp status?

1- Click on Whatsapp app on you smart phone

2- Slide your finger to the right side or Click On “Status” Tab .

3-Click On the camera icon on the lower right side of the phone


Tap on my status at the top to add photos and vedios to your status

4- Tap on the ‘ Smiley’ icon on the upper left side of the screen and choose any emoji you like.

5- If you want to add text tap on ‘T’ icon

6- If you want to write on a picture or a vedio clip tap on the ‘Pencil’ icon ,you can choose the desired colour you wish.

7- If you wrote something by mistake just click on redo option on the upper left of the screen.

How to set my voice as my Whatsapp status?

There Is No Option Available ‘How to set my voice as my Whatsapp status’ . inorder to add voice or music or song or MP4 only on whatsapp status but one can only create a video in kinemaster or any video editing app or software and put on it as their WhatsApp status.

Is there any way to keep Whatsapp status permanently as story mode in whatsapp or GB Whatsapp?

The Only thing you can do inorder to keep Whatsapp status permanently as story mode in whatsapp or GB Whatsapp is that you can re-upload the same status you wish everyday
For Example: If you put your status at 12pm then it will disappear after 24 hours that is tomorrow 12pm so you need to re-upload your status at around 12.01pm or before, for another entire 24 hours story mode view.

How can I get others deleted status of whatsapp that I have not seen yet?

you can only view status within only under 24 hours from when the person uploads their status there is no official way from whatsapp wherein you can view the deleted status but if your using 3rd party apps like status saver it may get saved in that app and you will be able to view thier photos even if its deleted by them only if its downloaded in the app.

How To Study Effectively For Exams In A Short Time ?


how to study effectively for exams in a short time ?,how to study fast for exams?,how to study for ppl exam?,how to study for the bar exam?,how to study effectively for law exams? and many more questions come in mind of any student whose studying

Every Student is hunting for a top class solutions on how to study effectively for exams in a short timeand get a brilliant results in their examination and memorize things and learn effectively there are some personally 100% working tip on to study effectively for the examination and achieve the desired results you wished for ! and will make even hard things easier by just going through this effective and 100 % proven strategy !

Hunt Down The Required Materials

how to study effectively for exams in a short time

The materials include the stationary items wherein we require a note book ,a big A4 size notebook will do good, color sketch pens, pencil ,rubber , ruler and pen ,which will be super beneficial in taking notes and memorizing accordingly and save plenty of time and mental stress during examination .

Search The Required Study Material To Study About A Subject

how to study for the bar exam

Study material this is the most important part wherein every subject is divided in chapter formats and each of the chapters it consist of number of marks weightage wherein its decided whether the number of questions will appear in exams ,If the Marks is more then its more likely to come in exams and many question may appear in question paper and If the marks for a chapter is less then there is least amount of questions will be asked from this chapter. This step is the most important part on how to study effectively for exams in a short time making some things easy for your mind.

Take Help Of Subject Blueprint And Question Paper

how to study fast for exams

Every Subject has a blueprint of a particular subject [example :English Subject] wherein in that particular blueprint of the subject consists of chapters along with the marks weightage every chapter in that subject and it also contains the required terms that needed to be studied ,as not everything on the book comes for exam only a particular part of it comes so concentrate on that part more.

Take Notes And Elaborate It In Simple Format

how to study effectively for law exams

After knowing what to study according to the blueprint of a particular subject , concentrate on those questions and take notes on the particular topic ,you can even take help of the technology such as watching a video on youtube or reading a blog article according to your convinence this will help you to understand more about the topic and boost your memory capacity and develop interest in that particular subject ,Take short notes according to what you learnt inorder to save time in re-memorizing the same term during the examination in a short time limit.

Use Your Creativity

how to study for ppl exam

Take Notes of a particular subject in such a way that you may feel like looking on to it later by making it intresting to look by using different color sketch pens which will make more fun to read and even make a boring topic intresting to study during examination preparation.

Memorizing The Self Created Notes

how to study for the bar exam

The most important part of studying and memorizing which most of the students find difficult but Ill make it simple for you. Always remember your brain stores data for only 4-5 hours of information in 100% Capacity after time passes the information becomes 90% then 80% then 70% then 60% then 50% … and after you sleep the information becomes 50% so inorder to remember the remaining 50 % to make the information in the brain 100% you need to revise again its like “Chopping A tree with an Axe but inorder to take the tree down you need to stike the axe many times inorder to chop down the tree” So like that you need to keep striking your brain again and again with same thing in the form of revision inorder to memorize any topic .

This tips on how to study effectively for exams in a short time and 100% super beneficial for for a student and will help not only help in memorizing but actual learning and development of the person mind to achieve the desired goal and gain the required results during examination time.

Why Google Removing Instant Loan Apps From Playstore ?

In India the most convenient way to for a common man to fulfill their wishes or dreams but due to lack of financial condition could’nt afford to fulfill thier dream or goals due to this often take help of a instant loan so that they can get a boost of improvement in themselves or someone they took the loan for and they mostly prefer( 1 hour payday loans by phone,24 hour direct lenders,same day payday loans .

Google recently removed several money lending apps from google playstore india as these apps were siting violation of safety policies as the reason and it turns out that these apps has been exploiting people in many ways.

What’s the Real Matter of Concern instant money app?

Apps like Hey fish , Monkey cash ,quick cash and many other offer instant loan to people from amount as big as Rs50,000 and can cross even Rs1,00,000 and can get such amount by just fulfulling some of thier terms and condition .
Because of this Pandemic many people have lost their jobs and some are out of their savings this leads for many people to opt for the instant loan from such apps to fulfill their dreams and wishes or necesasity towards this loan given by these instant money apps this is not a issue to be concerned but.

What’s Wrong with these loans?

These Loans which may be 1 hour payday loans by phone or are supposed to be repaid in a short interval of time span sometimes even less than 60 days , As compared to the bank interest rate these apps are having high amount of interest rate as compared to the normal loan interest rate from the offline banks and these can even go upto 50% or even an 100% which will be unable for a common man to pay back their actual amount along with the interest.

Why Do People Take Such Loans?

Inspite of heavy interest rate imposed by these apps towards the loan people fall in prey just because of the need of quick money lending procedures which this apps offer to people as people are convenient withinstant loans as they can be taken quickly by showing certain documents such as bank statement , aadhar card, etc..

What If The Loans Are Not Repaid of money loan app ?

If a people taking a loan and fails to repay the loan taken within the deadline provided they are charged penalties as high as Rs 3,000 per day .this force them to take extra loan to repay the prior one ,hence this cycle continues which result in debt trap that a person falls in and often leads to unkind steps like suicide etc..

What else can these apps do?

Apart from instant money app money loan appsare explioting people and charging them money in the names of fees , penalties etc these apps might misuse your information for immoral purposes. In past few months or so thousands of complaints related to threatening , coercion , harrassment etc have been made against such apps.

What’s the Future Of instant money app ?

Some Indian states have already banned such money lending apps before google took them down with the help of the respective state officials , Even RBI has been continously warning people for the same .Google is also being stict with the repect of listing apps to the users , as all the safety policies and instructions must be obeyed by such apps to get listed on google playstore

So Stay Alert And Take Steps Accordingly To Avoid Falling In Such Traps like instant cash loan in 1 hour 24 hour direct lenders ,1 hour payday loans by phone,ame day payday loans,and many more so stay alet !

Zomato Delivery Boy Denies On Puching The Women That had lead to A Controversy


On 10th March 2021 a women who was living in a flat in Bangalore namely (Hitesha) had ordered food from zomato which a food delivery company as on her video she claimed that she had come working from morning duty and she wanted to order food on zomato she then orders her food at around 3.30 pm she says but her order was supposed to arrive at 4.30 pm but this order came a bit late so she called the zomato customer care and complained about the delay in the delivery of her order after since the delivery boy arrive at her door step she opened the door and told to wait for a mean while as she needed to clarify with the zomato customer care executive that if she will get her order free of cost or will the order be taken back. as she says that when i told the delivery boy to wait he replied saying “Am I You Slave To Wait ?” This builded up an argument with the delivery boy and she claims that she had been hit by a punch on her nose by the delivery boy which made her nose bleed with blood after the argument she immediately posted video of her injured on all social media platform which lead to a controversy over zomato and a FIR was filed in Bangalore, Karnataka against the delivery boy for assaulting a women as she claim that he punched her leading to physical assualt. ( no proof of FIR copy or Zomato Order Statement was shared in public).

This Was all about what the women said but every crime committed both sides the victim and the accused must both given equal rights to say about what exactly happened so after asking the zomato delivery boy he says ” I apologise as the delivery was delayed due to the traffic and bad roads but she was very rude . when she threw slippers at me and started hitting me .Inorder for my safety i tried to use my hand to shield the blows .”

He Also Added “When she was trying to push my hand away , she accidently hit herself with her finger ring on the nose ,which led to her bleeding “ after saying this the delivery boy denies on punching the women on her nose which led to this whole assualt controversy. what happened to zomato delivery boy according to zomato delivery boy “If an order gets cancelled they need to return it back to their repective zomato hub orelse the amount of the food will be deducted from the salary of the food delivery guy” so even if the order was given free the charges of the food will be deducted from the delivery boy salary which is not acceptable by any person working in this field .

Signs Of Center For Anxiety And Am I An Addict Going In?


here are some center for anxiety and will make you know am i an addict or not ?and give you a 1 stop recovery strategy one can apply to come out of it or you seriously need a anxiety specialist check it out

You Are Calm But Still Need Reassurance

You Are Calm But Still Need Reassurance

Everyone goes through the stressful life but being calm even in stressful condition is a well developed mind which can resist stress at a stressful wherein anyone can gives up but your mind is developed in such a way that it can cope up the excessive stress and can and keep you calm at all time but sometimes you may feel that you can’t stop thinking about a particular things and starts getting hyperstressed which in term affects and the brain and causing you to reassaure things whether you are ok or having symptoms of anxiety or am i an addict to some thing making me stressful? thinking such things again and again can be the center for anxiety in your day to day life

You Are High Achiever But Also An Overthinker

You Are High Achiever But Also An Overthinker

many many ideas flashes in your mind claiming that you will be successful doing that specific idea but “Noone can do everything in life as its not everyone’s piece of cake” that’s why there are professionals sitting as they are good at that thing but when you feel like doing everything ,you do those things but end up in no where and you’re losted this makes you over think and takes away all your precious sleep and thus makes you feel sleepless and make you feel unhealthy this is a sign of anxiety 1 stop recoveryis by shifting your mind to some other thing like watching a movie can divert the over thinking process this is a key center for anxiety

You Are Good Under Pressure But You Still Procrastivate

You Are Good Under Pressure But You Still Procrastivate
-center of anxiety

some people are very well at multi tasking as they can do more than the person whose just concentrating on a single task ,the person who is good in multitasking is very well developed mind to handle stress thus this decreases their mental stress by shifting things from one way to the other and just keeping in mind to just make things done and not concentrating on thinking on things will could have been done .they mainly feel like doing the particular think they are feeling to do now but say they’ll do it later and later they regret for not doing that specific thing know as procrastivate,this is the way of self developing mind from excess stress from loads of work and managing thing in a multi way inorder to shift the mind and make things done the right way possible. Managing Mutli things at one time can boost your capacity of managing stress and anxiety in person .but sometimes you fail to overcome due to low feeling so it will be the best to visit the anxiety specialist as they are experts in dealing with stress center for anxiety and depression

You Are Nice But Please People Too Much

You Are Nice But Please People Too Much
-am i an addict

Most of the people are mostly kind hearted and nice to people but in some cases they change due to the pressure and stress they deal with the current situation of their life which makes them feel being rude to people but the most important thing that frustrates them is that they do things people like to see and not what you want it to happen this makes them feel like they just ment for pleasing others and not able to do things the right way as they want but follow the chain as everyone follows but from that onwards they feel uneasy in head as “everything is not ment for everyone” this makes them realize themselves that they are just doing things to please people and not themselves this lowers their self esteem and make them think everytime “Am i doing something wrong, why this things are working for them and not me?” so makes you overthink and can lead to anxiety and depression and can be the the main center for anxiety . So be who you are and what on what you like and love doing this will keep you happy and free from overthinking stress.

You Know You Are Capable But Still Don’t Fully Believe In Yourself

You Know You Are Capable But Still Don’t Fully Believe In Yourself
-1 stop recovery

In this world full of competition and challenges its become more tough for people to settle in things that everyone is already doing a specific things for example your a graduate in arts so you’ll be thinking you are going to be super rich as your having a college degree but the results you get is quiet negative seemingly as there are thousands and lakhs of people there in that stream who are already having that thing and it will be competitive as there are less job and more people just think even the person who’s not having tge degree earns at same or even more than you having a degree that’s not a problem with him as he’s highly skilled in things than you and that you lack as many people go for a degree a spend thousands and lakhs of fees for a specific degree but they don’t concentrate in gaining some knowledge or something their motive is just the degree and nothing else these type of people will succeed but will not for too long as they lack in the main course of living is skilled living and development ,you may realize that getting good marks at school is just not enough to succeed but its all about you and your self development that can skyrocket your growth in life .Many people are more talented in learning things that they love the most this make them feel they are capable of more then the normal one’s and will make themselves unique in their way of life as all prefer something new and innovative so you can be the one by encouraging yourself in doing more things like reading a book or practicing on a particular sport or music or Video editing and many more the more to work and what you love the more chances are there for you to succeed in life and keep you away from following the same things wherein others are doing. If you concentrate more on things you love doing you’ll never feel sad even if you lose as there will be hope of you getting up and looking at yourself and thinking “Getting up from scratch is difficult but getting up from experience is better than scratch
So keep your learning boots on and keep striving for what you want this will keep you away from mental stress and anxiety and depression.

You Want To Be Social

You Want To Be Social
-anxiety com

Everyone thinks that being on social media is cool ,it sounds cool but its not it can impact deeply into your brain and can cause severe mental illness as many see their friends and family or someone you love doing well in their lives bit you are still there as you are ,this makes you feel more stressed out about yourself as you tend more in comparing your life to theirs but forget that everyone’s life is different but your concentration is full on comparing yourself which intend hurts yourself inner self esteem and may lead to depression and anxiety due to overthinking, inorder to impress people they start posting everything from breakfast to dinner, what they do ,where they go all the stuff inorder just for attention doing this things are not bad but giving your personal information what you do and all can lead to unwanted trouble ,you may think that if they i posting what they eat or go you should also post even though your uncomfortable sharing some things that others are not ,im telling you its all yur choice and its ok not to do things that everyone’s doing and its your life and noone can force you to do ,so be ok with not doing and 1 stop recovery what you like and concentrate on what things you love doing, this will decrease anxiety and will able to overcome depression as you’ll be free from overthinking as you’ll be busy in things when you love doing something.. if something is worse than you think feel free to visit the anxiety specialist as they are more expert in handling such things

7 Signs To Know That Your In Love With The Right Person


Here are some superintresting things to know about your right partner your’re in love with and compare the signs of love with the right person and give your answers reguarding ,How do you know when you’ve found the right person? and How do you know if you were really in love with someone? and How do you know you’re in love with the right person?

Feeling Of Being Happy and Satisfied

Feeling Of Being Happy and Satisfied

When you are with the right person which not only keeps you happy but makes you smile everytime you see that person ,this makes you heart melt after seeing that person you feel tension free and can face difficult times along with him or her as you feel the happiest with the person you are with and you enjoy his company , when he or she is not around you miss him or her everytime you see a couple passing by as this makes you feel that your with a rightful person as you feel happy when he or she is with you and you feel satisfied for having him or her.

You Are 100% Real Infront Them As Your In Real Life

You Are 100% Real Infront Them As Your In Real Life

Many people who are in a relationship mostly hide their reality and opt the immaginary as due to lack of confidence or due to lack of bad looks which then tend to make up themselves by their needs which will make them satisfied for their needs but will lose your self confidence in impressing them as “beauty is just temporory but a person with good heart is permanent” remember impressing people is not your job but impressing yourself by doing things that noone can do will impress yourself and will also impress themselves ,as even a “poor person can impress the rich by the means of rich in intelligence” and ” having money may make you a rich person but having the intelligence and knowledge about something that even rich cant buy can make you priceless”.so stop impressing people and start working on being that better person this thing will make you rare and increase the chances of impressing and attracting the people more without changing yourself and being the real you .

They Encourage To Live Up To Your Dreams

You Are 100% Real Infront Them As Your In Real Life

When you are with the right person ,that person will not have jealousy problems with you as he or she loves you the most and want to see you in good and well settled in the further future and will never want to see you struggling in life , he or she will definitely help you however possible in your upcoming growth and help you with the knowledge and understanding he or she might help you and guide you to the right path and live up to your dreams to the fulliest .

Never Do They Stop Your Growth In Life

Never Do They Stop Your Growth In Life

Just like your parents ,the right person will never let your growth stop at any means but he or she will guide or help you out in order to reach your specified goal in life and will try their very best to nourish and support the growth of the person you love just like a “Mother who takes care and nourishes the growth of their newborn ” and make their child successful in their life.

They Forget Their Ego And Attitude And Become A Free Bird

They Forget Their Ego And Attitude And Become A Free Bird

The partner who you are with is the right when they forget who the real they are and become a free bird with you and forget all their ego ,anger, attitude when they talk to you ,as the person loves you feels comfortable with you which makes him a free bird and make him forget his ego and attitude against you. As being with the person you like will make mind stress free to almost 87% so there is better chances for the person to forget who he or she is and act like an innocent kid.

They Will Help You In Your Good And Bad Times

They Will Help You In Your Good And Bad Times

Failure Is The Stepping Stone Of Success” but no one talks about the person who was there with you in the bad times in your life the right partner will never let you hand go when your time is bad and will support you to overcome the concequeces you faced or will face to overcome the problems .The person helping will except the same from you and will never want to see to down or sad .Some just only want to be in the good times the is the “Happy Moments” and still complain about not being satisfied with what they have ,Im telling you stay away with such kind of person as they will enjoy with in your good times and will disappear or act to be helping but intentionally not as they don’t want to be in the bad days of your life as they are selfish and only think about themselves ,The right person will never let you hand down in the bad times and will always be caring for you as you are the important person in their life and what ever happens they both will be ready to face the problems and overcome them together,trust me never ever leave such kind of person as they are super rare to find and will develop the better you and you will do well with their support to be sucessfull in life.

You Feel Confident And Peaceful

You Feel Confident And Peaceful

The companion who you are in love or vice versa due to his constant support and humbleness in your personal development will boost your confidence and will make you feel good about yourself and will develop a positive sign of growth which will be helpful for yourself to overcome and conquer all the problem there will be two choices with with either “go and help yourself and do all the things by yourself or do things by the support partner” the only disadvantage of doing it by yourself will make yo feel depressed or lost by doing the thing without any guidance but by the proper support you will able to conquer anything and will make you feel confident as you’ll be doing things the right way by the advises and support which will develop confidence in yourself and will provide you a peaceful mind as your doing things the right way and will this confidence will boost you performace and help you in your further future growth .At The End of the day the “most important thing is satisfaction and peace of mind ” so if you archieve both good luck your going and doing good in life

Life Choices Top 5 Awesome Tips For a Beautiful Life

awesome tips for a beautiful life and this life choices can change and improve your life compeletely that you’ll never regret about and will be living a pro life with pro choice !

5 –Don’t Compare Yourself With Others

Don't Compare Yourself With Others
Don’t Compare Yourself With Others

Many people have a bad problem in imagining themselves in other’s shoes but whats comes from it is nothing but hurting yourself thinking such things which is never going to happen just remember one thing “Everbody’s Question Paper Is Different If You Copy The Answers From Others You Will Defenitely Fail” So be yourself more and be real in life and not just imaginary just make things happen as the way you want to make it happen and thats what it will pleases you ! ,these life choices will improve you and make you a new version of yourself !

4- Be Like A Mirror

Be Like A Mirror

Being like a mirror doesn’t mean being as a mirror but just giving an example of its properties as in mirror we can see the person which is just the same as the person in the opposite whether its a good person or a bad person ,just be like mirror good to good people and bad to bad people as if you do bad to good people they’ll have something to say and also if you do good to bad people they will still have something to say about you in real life so keep calm and stick to the life choices which is you atmost priority .

3-Stop Asking For Attention And Work For Respect !

Stop Asking For Attention And Work For Respect !

Many people are so materialistic in nature they have many thing to show but its not a real thing like acting to be a rich person by showing off its expensive car or any other things just for attention purpose will lead to nothing but financial problem ,what im trying to say that even rich people do have financial problem meaning those who just do things to showoff and nothing else fall in deep trap of being bankrupt as all their saving just go in paying the bills and to nourish their outer show of life but deep inside they know they are broke at the end of the day ,instead of being materiallitc just be who you are and do things which are compartiable to yourself ,its ok to not impress people and still having that bank full of cash at the end of the month than being bankrupt this with give you and your self esteem the respect you wish and will lead to a satisfied healthy life .

2-Stop Impressing People , As You Don’t Like Everyone Around !

Stop Impressing People , As You Don’t Like Everyone Around !

People Offenly fall in deep minds of impressing intead of leading a” what you are, you are !” life just imagining being happy in impressing people by different means this will lead to nothing but make you broke at the end of the day ,so stop impressing people who you never liked and be happy on who you are and who you’ll be in the pretty future .

1-Never Argue With Jealous People

Never Argue With Jealous People !

Jealousy occurs which you cannot beat the comparison of the person your looking for as he or she may be better than you and you can’t do anything about that ! they are doing well in life as they work on themselves and they create their life they wish to live in and you’ll just be behind thinking about it everytime.
so work on yourself and be the best thats only the way to prevent getting jealous of others lifestyle as you’ll be satisfied with what you do and love to do .
Jealous people are like worms they just think of destroying instead to being better the best tips be who you are and work harder on what you want to be in the further future, this will make you feel and never regret the life choicesyou made in further future.

Most Expensive Birthday Party Celebration In History -Top 5 !


most expensive birthday party in history – The top 5 list of all time that will make you hmm…
and will see surprised looking at the amount of expenses done on a birthday celebration.

So Let’s Get Started!


Naomi Campbell 36th Birthday Party

Naomi Campbell

In 2006,Naomi Campbell a supermodel splurged a staggering amount to hold a three-day event at the exclusive 18th-floor Burj Al Arab Hotel In Dubai ,which she (Naomi Campbell) rented entirely.there was a different theme everyday including ‘all white’ , ‘hiphop’ and ‘brazilian samba’ Which Costed Naomi Campbell almost $1.8 Million .


Stephen Schwarzman’s 60th birthday party

Stephen Schwarzman

Stephen Schwarzman is a chairman and CEO of ‘The Blackstone Group’, A privatee quity firm that made him a multi-billionaire.For his 60th Birthday he arranged a party for himself at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City, which included entertainment by marching bands and a 50-foot silkscreen recreation of his own apartment the total costed him (Stephen Schwarzman) $5 Million


Mayawati’s 47th Birthday Party


In 2003,former UP Cm Mayawati celebrated her 47th birthday with a massive blowout which consits of 51 kg cake which is the most expensive birthday cake and big too!, 100,000 ladoos ,60 quintals of marigold flowers and around 5000 bouquets were just a few of the things involved which costed her( Mayawati ) around $ 7 Million


Hassanal Bolkiah’s 50th birthday party

Hassanal Bolkiah

In 1996 ,Hassanal Bolkiah ,the sultan of Brunei, held an extravagant 2 week bash in honour of his 50th birthday celebration. The party included a polo match with Prince Charles, A Michael Jackson concert wherein the singer Michael Charged $17 million for 60,000 people in a custom-built stadium and a dinner for 3000 guests where everyone who came in his party were given gold medals for rememberance. which all costed him ( Hassanal Bolkiah ) around $ 27.2 Million


Nita Ambani‘s 50th birthday party

Nita Ambani

Nita Ambani Also Known As’The Ambani’s’ which are know for their wealth and services which they provide ,they own major industries in India which is ‘Reliance’ and other is the telecom company named as ‘Jio’ which is one of the valuable market in india making them the richest personality in India making a net worth around $ 74.1 Billion .They have 32 charter planes were on duty to fly all celebrity guests invited for the birthday celebration, there was live event performance by A.R.Rahman. The Massive Celebration Was held at the Umaid Bhayan Palace In Jodhpur .nita ambani birthday party cost almost $ 30 Million .

Making It india’s richest birthday party ! and also most expensive birthday party in asia ! and also make the worlds most expensive birthday party in history .

WhatsApp Clashes With Privacy And Now Convincing People That..


“The information we share with the other Facebook Companies includes your account registration information ‘such as your phone number’, transaction data, service-related information, information on how you interact with others which includes businesses when using our(Whatsapp) Services, mobile device information, your IP address, and may include other information identified in the Privacy Policy section entitled “Information We Collect”.

If you wish you can agree to the latest terms and privacy policy by WhatsApp or you can simply Click On Not Now to exit .

According to the update from the company it clearly says that it will take effect On February 8 2021.
So after the update is established then users may face issues with the app unless and until they agree the latest terms and privacy policy updates .

After The Latest Update in Privacy Policy Set up By The Company , People Started getting tensed over the leakage of their private sources of information such as documents , text messages , voice messages , files, photos ,videos and whtasapp calls and videocalls which made billions of users uncomfortable thinking about it which may be also sensitve and private information .

Due to the trust issues with the whatsapp people started disliking the app and started giving bad reviews about the app ,this made a way for the competators to make their way in .

Telegram started posting about their privacy policy stating that they do not collect any or have access to the chats or calls made on telegram making it a 100% Private and Secure for their users making such statements at the right time made a boost of users signing up with telegram ,Telegram App Made over 500 million users in just 7 hours timespan and its still growing in number every second now there are two new competators ‘Signal’ app And ‘Telegram’
app which is immensely growing overtime.

Whatsapp Claims that ‘Messages and calls are end -to-end encrypted.No one outside of this chat ,not even WhatsApp,can read or listen to them.’ this move was done after the misconception in people minds convincing thier users not to leave their platform and its safe !

Whatsapp chat

And Further on 17th January WhatsApp started showing signs of convincing people not to leave whatsapp and claiming that the privacy of the users are safe and there’s no need to worry about .whatsapp started putting status of thier company on users whatsapp anonymously without the user saving its number on their handset, this surprised users seeing such incident today (17/01/2021) and then seeing whats inside the status tab in whatsapp status area.

WhatsApp Status

It Consisted of 4 tabs in the staus section the first one says that “We Are Committed to you privacy”

We are committed to your privacy

the second tab says that
“WhatsApp can’t read or listen to your personal conversations as they’re end-to-end encrypted.”

WhatsApp can't read or listen to your personal conversations as they're end-to-end encrypted

the Third tab Says that
“WhatsApp can’t see your shared location.”

WhatsApp can't see your shared location

and the final tab says that
“WhatsApp dosen’t share your contacts with facebook”

WhatsApp dosen't share your contacts with facebook

This All Done To Convince and Build trust again in people and users all around the globe that WhatsApp is safe and there is no privacy issue with it.

Pubg Mobile Launch Latest 2021 Update ! See Details..


Pubg Mobile the war game had begin as due to the war between India and China conflicts on the border line resulting death of indian soldiers caused the cyberattacks on the china digital media by banning all the chinese apps due to the privacy concerns with the indian user as its said that the chinese government servers keeps and stores the data of the indian user as they’ve been using the chinese app flounting their chinese goverment rule ,so why must people in india share the data to the chinese government ? .So Indian government took a huge step by banning all the chinese apps due to the protection of privacy of data of indian citizens.

So pubg mobile tencent was not the one to get banned but due to the collaboration with tencent gaming buddy which is a chinese company which lead indian government to take neccesary steps and ban pubg the mobile game which was the most played games in india ,this created a major roadblock for pubg to be returned back to india.

The Government Officially accouncing that they are no official permission given for the game to Relaunch .MEITY (Ministry Of Electronics And Information Tecnology ) was the entity which banned Pubg Mobile and 118 aaps in september on the grounds of national security .In an Rti enqiery ,MEITY came out with an official statement that there is no permission to Pubg Mobile India ,so it has be eliminated from india for some time.

Pubg Mobile is even banned in china despite of local entity Tencent being major stakeholder of the game in the country. the war game had begin as due to the war like situation between India and China conflicts on the border line resulting death of indian soldiers caused anti-china sentiments ,then later cyberattacks on the china digital media by banning all the chinese apps due to the privacy concerns with the indian user as its said that the chinese government servers keeps and stores the data of the indian user as they’ve been using the chinese app flounting their chinese goverment rule ,so why must people in india share the data to the chinese government ? .So Indian government took a huge step by banning all the chinese apps due to the protection of privacy of data of indian citizens.

Pubg India release date?

Pubg Mobile Update !
Pubg Mobile Update !

The main reason behind was the app compromise In National Security ,But it seems very unlikely to pubg mobile app
Pubg Mobile India Had registered itself on the website of Ministry of corporate Affairs and had also tied up with Microsoft Azure to ensure data and user privacy is the first thing and will be highly safe guarded in pubg game .MEITY making it official that return of pubg mobile relaunch has been temporailiy stalled to Beginning or Mid of March 2021.