Brazilian President Shares A Bizzare Note Reguarding Recent Covid-19 Vaccine

Brazil President On Covid-19
Brazil President Talks On Covid-19

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has a serious talk reguarding the vaccines created for the diesease of cononavirus ,president targeting on the claims of the recovery through covid-19 vaccine which is claimed to prevent the spread and recovery of the covid 19 diesease patients ,he says that the the recent vaccine which is developed by Pfizer BioNTech could turn people into a beaderd lady or a crocodile which on hearing things from a president is surprising for many people.

In PfiZer contract is very clearing saying “we’re not responsible for any side effects” so if you turned into a crocodile or a bearded lady its your problem” Bolsaro said on thursday.

These are the vaccine which are still undergoing testing in Brazil but some countries are using it as a vaccine for covid-19 prevention and cure ,United States And Britian are using vaccine for recovery.

“If you become superhuman ,if a women starts growing a beard or if a man start speak with an efferminate voice, they will not have anything to do with it” he said ,which reffers to the drug manufactures around the globe.

On the day the immunization campaingn begin (Wednesday) it will be free but not compulsary says Bolsanaro ,but the supreme court on thrusday ruled that the vaccine was obligatory ,although could not be ‘forced’ on people to take it compulsarily but instead can put restriction or ban them from visiting placed and can even fine them for not being vaccinated ,but they could not ‘force’ them to immunize themselves due to the court order

Brazil recently recorded approximatly 7.13 million cases almost 186,000 deaths from amoung 212 million of total population due to Covid-19

Once the vaccine is certified by the Brazil regulatory agency Anvisa it will be available for anyone that wants it .but me , i won’t get vaccinated.
Some people might say that im giving a bad example ,but to the ambeciles,to the idots that say this , I tell them I’ve already caught the virus ,I have antibodies ,so why to get vaccinated ” Says Bolsonaro the President Of Brazil.


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