Tata Group To Boost Future Iphone Production in India !

Tata And Sons -Iphone india
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Tata Sons is planning for to set up Iphone production and its component manufacturaring plant in Tamil Nadu in India inorder to make Iphone parts and components in india and maufacturing the Iphones as purely ‘made in India‘ product ,the apple partnership with India will benefit the tata groups and this also will save taxes on parts and components which are shipped from overseas for the production of iphone ,thus it will make iphones more afforable for a common man and will give india a digital push for the next upcoming future.

Apple is known for its premium pricing as well as premium quality made product which indeed makes it a pricey iphone as its due to the shipment of components and iphones from overseas which costs the parts and iphones cost more due the taxes paid for shipment from overseas products .

So inorder to reduce the heavy pricing cost for a indian consumer, apple is trying to collaborate with tata group of companies for the maufacturing of the components of iphone as well as production of iphones in india itself inorder to reduce the taxes and lowering the iphone cost inorder to boost apple product purchase by the indian consumer.

Where Will The Factory Locate?

is planning to set up a plant in India ,as before all the iphone coming to india were ‘made in china’ as for now they are planning to diversify its sourcing base to india as from sources its said that they are planning to set up production plant in Tamil Nadu with the collaboration in tata groups.

Tata Electronics has been alloted 500 acres by TIDCO(Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation),they are also seeking advices from the experts .It is said that it will have a staff strength of 18,000 by October 2021 and 90% of staff will be women.

Tamil Nadu recently uneveiled that Tamil Nadu Electronics Hardware manufacturing policy 2020 and has set target to increase electronics output to $100 billion by 2025.which will boost more ‘Made In India‘ Production.