Advertisement about fitness products promising amazing results

Advertisement about fitness products promising amazing results

Advertisement about fitness products promising amazing results

Advertisement don’t really covey the reality of the product but only a marketing strategy to boost their sales ,getting convinced and buying the product without any actual knowledge or information will not help you getting the actual results in gaining the actual gains

advertisement never guarantee about the results they just say inorder to gain audience attention this can be about “Weight loss” or “weight gain” products that they might advertise saying that taking this will make your body lose weight or gain weight by their product itself without any work .

Just remember ” without going through any pain for getting something what you wish for you’ll never get easy
but if you work consistently for a specific thing you’ll achieve everything just because you took a step ahead to get the required results.

similarly no product guarantee anything but its upto you how you use it and bring the best out of it so fitness products promising amazing results will only apply if you work the required amount and have the product this will give the required result you wish brands mainly collaborate with celebrities and influencers just to boost their sales due to their reach towards audience, they may or may not prefer to consume but they promote for the commission they gain after promoting ,so its all about you .

Impact of covid-19 on fitness industry in India

The Pandemic which started from 2020 year impacted very badly at the fitness industry as due to lockdown everything shut down but even though during the lockdown some shops like grocery ,cloth ,shoe ,hotel industry got a moment to return back to business but the gyms and the fitness industry were at a huge loss as they had to keep it shut down as it doesn’t fall in the essential work and also health care category so this made the fitness industry settle in the between this two and causing rackus among the gym owners since it was over 6-8 months from when the gyms and fitness centers were shut down as the owners source of income was dependent only on the fitness gym sector and was making things hard for the owners of the gym to pay back their customers subscription money as well as spending money for the maintenance of the fitness centre ,gym.

Even in 2021 India had to go through the second stage of covid 19 virus causing millions of death in the country and spreading much faster than before in 2020 ,for about in February 2021 things opened up a bit and gyms and fitness industry was just on tract but due to the covid second wave caused in April caused lockdown in the entire country and again affecting the fitness industry and gym fitness centres as they were closed again inorder to prevent the spread of covid 19 virus in the country and respective states.

Some owners due to heavy debt on them had to sell their fitness centres due to bankrupsy and personal debt as the was no income but only for the maintenance of the fitness centre required a huge amount so this was the reason why they had to sell thier centres and move on.


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