How To Study Effectively For Exams In A Short Time ?

how to study for ppl exam

how to study effectively for exams in a short time ?,how to study fast for exams?,how to study for ppl exam?,how to study for the bar exam?,how to study effectively for law exams? and many more questions come in mind of any student whose studying

Every Student is hunting for a top class solutions on how to study effectively for exams in a short timeand get a brilliant results in their examination and memorize things and learn effectively there are some personally 100% working tip on to study effectively for the examination and achieve the desired results you wished for ! and will make even hard things easier by just going through this effective and 100 % proven strategy !

Hunt Down The Required Materials

The materials include the stationary items wherein we require a note book ,a big A4 size notebook will do good, color sketch pens, pencil ,rubber , ruler and pen ,which will be super beneficial in taking notes and memorizing accordingly and save plenty of time and mental stress during examination .

Search The Required Study Material To Study About A Subject

Study material this is the most important part wherein every subject is divided in chapter formats and each of the chapters it consist of number of marks weightage wherein its decided whether the number of questions will appear in exams ,If the Marks is more then its more likely to come in exams and many question may appear in question paper and If the marks for a chapter is less then there is least amount of questions will be asked from this chapter. This step is the most important part on how to study effectively for exams in a short time making some things easy for your mind.

Take Help Of Subject Blueprint And Question Paper

Every Subject has a blueprint of a particular subject [example :English Subject] wherein in that particular blueprint of the subject consists of chapters along with the marks weightage every chapter in that subject and it also contains the required terms that needed to be studied ,as not everything on the book comes for exam only a particular part of it comes so concentrate on that part more.

Take Notes And Elaborate It In Simple Format

After knowing what to study according to the blueprint of a particular subject , concentrate on those questions and take notes on the particular topic ,you can even take help of the technology such as watching a video on youtube or reading a blog article according to your convinence this will help you to understand more about the topic and boost your memory capacity and develop interest in that particular subject ,Take short notes according to what you learnt inorder to save time in re-memorizing the same term during the examination in a short time limit.

Use Your Creativity

Take Notes of a particular subject in such a way that you may feel like looking on to it later by making it intresting to look by using different color sketch pens which will make more fun to read and even make a boring topic intresting to study during examination preparation.

Memorizing The Self Created Notes

The most important part of studying and memorizing which most of the students find difficult but Ill make it simple for you. Always remember your brain stores data for only 4-5 hours of information in 100% Capacity after time passes the information becomes 90% then 80% then 70% then 60% then 50% … and after you sleep the information becomes 50% so inorder to remember the remaining 50 % to make the information in the brain 100% you need to revise again its like “Chopping A tree with an Axe but inorder to take the tree down you need to stike the axe many times inorder to chop down the tree” So like that you need to keep striking your brain again and again with same thing in the form of revision inorder to memorize any topic .

This tips on how to study effectively for exams in a short time and 100% super beneficial for for a student and will help not only help in memorizing but actual learning and development of the person mind to achieve the desired goal and gain the required results during examination time.


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