Zomato Delivery Boy Denies On Puching The Women That had lead to A Controversy

Zomato Delivery Boy Denies On Puching The Women That had lead to A Controversy

On 10th March 2021 a women who was living in a flat in Bangalore namely (Hitesha) had ordered food from zomato which a food delivery company as on her video she claimed that she had come working from morning duty and she wanted to order food on zomato she then orders her food at around 3.30 pm she says but her order was supposed to arrive at 4.30 pm but this order came a bit late so she called the zomato customer care and complained about the delay in the delivery of her order after since the delivery boy arrive at her door step she opened the door and told to wait for a mean while as she needed to clarify with the zomato customer care executive that if she will get her order free of cost or will the order be taken back. as she says that when i told the delivery boy to wait he replied saying “Am I You Slave To Wait ?” This builded up an argument with the delivery boy and she claims that she had been hit by a punch on her nose by the delivery boy which made her nose bleed with blood after the argument she immediately posted video of her injured on all social media platform which lead to a controversy over zomato and a FIR was filed in Bangalore, Karnataka against the delivery boy for assaulting a women as she claim that he punched her leading to physical assualt. ( no proof of FIR copy or Zomato Order Statement was shared in public).

This Was all about what the women said but every crime committed both sides the victim and the accused must both given equal rights to say about what exactly happened so after asking the zomato delivery boy he says ” I apologise as the delivery was delayed due to the traffic and bad roads but she was very rude . when she threw slippers at me and started hitting me .Inorder for my safety i tried to use my hand to shield the blows .”

He Also Added “When she was trying to push my hand away , she accidently hit herself with her finger ring on the nose ,which led to her bleeding “ after saying this the delivery boy denies on punching the women on her nose which led to this whole assualt controversy. what happened to zomato delivery boy according to zomato delivery boy “If an order gets cancelled they need to return it back to their repective zomato hub orelse the amount of the food will be deducted from the salary of the food delivery guy” so even if the order was given free the charges of the food will be deducted from the delivery boy salary which is not acceptable by any person working in this field .


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